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The MightyHero

It is a fun game to play that includes skill work and powers. You have to think smart in order to win and save the princess! Love this game😍

Game works

I'm glad the game works again, however it's STILL SNOWING in the map. It's June here in the states. Otherwise it's great!


great game overall. i will say that there should be an option to purchase removing ads & the endless timer. i would 100% purchase that; not having it is a loss to the player, the game, & your company’s pocket.


I'm not a fan of public reviews so I'll say this. The game is enjoyable and you should play it. End of review

Strangely hard to put down

Fun in an odd sort of way that’s hard to describe


Whenever I launch it it will crash. I played this before and it’s a 5 star to me but I just wish I could play it again.

New update leads only to app crashing

Really enjoyed this game until the newest update now it won't open just crashes every time I try to open the app. Was a great app one you can play and go back to time and one again. Fix app!

3 update !!!and still ....

I can’t log the game after an update then i was happy seeing 3 update “ bug fix” still none of them fix my issue to log the game .. it is always crush when i try to enter the game .. deleting the game .. gg

Love the game to bits, but it needs improvement

Here’s a list of the things I have encountered - It lags at times (I don’t have a slow phone). - The quests need to be more general. For example one of them is to make an iron sword and you get an excellent iron sword it should count. - More quest options, so when you want to abort there are other choices. - Fix the “unable to play ads problem”. I keep on having this problem where I can’t play the ads anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I’m changing the time on my phone to get things done faster, but regardless look into it. - The character should use two hands when using a two handed weapon. - When in battle it would be nice to be able to use two skills at the same time. - Make more recipes for potions. - Make it so the market refreshes everyday - Improve the SFX and BGM That’s about it. I really hope you guys make an update to this awesome game and include some of my recommendations!





Game does not run. Total dud.

I was looking forward to trying this game on a standard iPhone 6 iOS 11, up to date. But the app does not open. Only an instant crash. 1 star doesn’t even function 👎🏻 I assume this company makes pretty bad apps due to this experience.

Feed food

Thanks dis lit!!!! Hi thanks I love it and thanks I love it so I hope all of the best and I can be playing



Needs some tweaks

Great game but needs some tweaks. The questing system needs massive work. I keep getting quests for items that I can no longer craft as I have surpassed the necessary level for crafting that item.

Mindless fun

Good for killing time


It’s a good game but it has a couple issues. It constantly after every single round asks if you would like to write a review. I got the sense that it’s begging but whatever I’m writing this so that hopefully it will stop. Also I’m glad that there is no real time energy system like there is in games like dragon ball Dokkan battle, clash of clans, etc. There is a couple bugs like some displays that don’t appear properly and after a while of running the app, it will just slow down to a crawl but can just be fixed (temporarily) by resetting the app but that’s just nit picking. This is a fun, simple game that doesn’t require constant attention but can be a good game to sit down for a while and grind.

Downloaded and deleted just as fast

Makes no sense why when you level up your mana cost increases for the sword skill. Why is it that when I’m 2 levels higher than when I started I can only use it less even though I’m stronger?

Mighty fine

Doesn't take up a lot of memory... Dah Dah DAH!

Fun game

I like how it does not need internet the whole time and I enjoy games where you need to grind and also have a little luck. It keeps the game fun would recommend this to anyone

Stop asking for review

Repeated messages


It’s fun

fun game but crashes

Ive only played for a day and I really enjoy the gameplay for the most part. Grinding is pretty much the main part of the game and its annoying to grind if the game constantly crashes. After completing a run to get a material I'm ready to try again and get another but about 50% of the time the game goes back to the cheering screen and can't progress to the reload. It leads to closing and reopening the game and then I also don't get the material I grinded for.


Beautiful game


The game will ask you 3 million times to make a review


Fun lil app 👌

Good game!

Good game!

Did we just become friends?


Too many requests for reviews

Too many

good game

good but really grindy


Fun to play and not pay to play



Keeps asking for rating

I am not

Nice easy game

Fun no stress

Great game



Good game. Wish there was a story though.

Stop forcing me to write a review

Game is fun, but it forces you to write a review.


Was looking for a new game and this is definitely a good way to past the time and have some fun.

Won’t load from last update.

The last update was a week or so ago. Since then the game will not open at all. Is there a new patch coming out? Did the game get killed off? I’m level 70 and wouldn’t like to lose everything.

Great Game

Really like it, only quarrel with it though is that I wish there was a different inventory for each class. The way it is now makes it so that you change out your equipment every time you want to play as a different class. It would be better if there was one loadout for each class.

Rating spam

Spams for rating

Fun to play

Good game

Good time killer

I still can’t open the game please fix that

Crash crash crash !

When updated to the last one the game doesn’t even start! It crashes every time.

After Update

I updated the game and it won’t let me play the game when I go back. It just automatically kick me out of the app!



A good farming game

Updated 12-20-2017: Can't open on iOS 10.3.1. Sad face. Updated 12-09-2017: Ok more bugs... -The skill Fury doesn't provide any description; -When activating the skill Fury, ~1/4 of the chance that the skill directly goes into cool down without any attack, ~1/5 of the chance that the skill leaves a 'ghost' image of the attack when finish, and ~1/2 of the time that the game freezes for like one or two seconds. Updated 12-08-2017: Good to see the bug being fixed. Updated 12-07-2017: So I figured that going back to the village after every single material farming session largely prevents the bug, while 'try again' results in the bug like 8 or 9 out of 10 times. This is really annoying and I'm abandoning the game until the bug is fixed. Updated 12-05-2017: The new update made class-switching much less problematic! But I encountered bugs 5 out of 8 times when farming for materials, that either I couldn't click on anything at the victory page (and the reward wasn't displayed either, with an indication that my inventory was full even when 4 pages of it were empty), or restarting the farming session went into a weird status that the hero was doing the victory jumping without any enemy (I couldn't click on anything either). It would be great if those bugs can be fixed soon, so that I can farm on the materials for the new Thief class. Old review: The game play is quite simple -- the hero attacks on his own, you activate skills and use items as needed. Simple, but addictive. I also enjoyed the pixel arts a lot. There're still some small glitches here and there: 1. Crafting system. One you automatically leveled up you crafting level, you can't craft the items from previous levels. This is sometime upsetting because the quest doesn't automatically match your crafting level. 2. Item looting. Some crafting requires a loooot of farming to get it done once (e.g. Level 2 iron ring). This gets tedious over time. 3. Item selling. I gathered piles of stuff that I dont really need, and I had to sell them one by one. Also it would be nice if I could directly sell crafted item without picking it up first. I've only played few hours and really like it. Update: Ok i figured how to batch sell and craft the previous level items. Now here comes another thing: the loading isn't quite smooth and it frequently says that i have uncollected item if I press “go back(either back to village or retry the quest)” too quickly. Also it seems there is a big delay when pressing buttons sometime. Still a good game and I'm farming and farmng and farming...

The skills

I love the flame wave skill and it is good with damage boost

Please stop asking

Why bother putting an option to stop asking me to rate and reminding me to rate later...they both do the same thing Still??? I already rated twice???



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